Volume 1: Whoever Am I

by Various Artists




Person:A - Divide & Conquer (Kall Häll Remix)**
Knifesex - Blood From Stone (Cold Hell Remix)**
TSTI - Forgive Me (Tifaret Deconstruct)**
TSTI - Forgive Me (L'Avenir Stripped Mix)**

**CD-Only (hand-numbered, unique stickers, slimline jewel cases, 100 copies purple CDs)

The first volume is always the greatest. Or is it? With this release, you don't really know if it is, will be or was great, until you've laid your ears upon it. Here's where it started and here's where it continued to be something greater then I would have ever wished or dream for.

Here were the formative years that created the first compilation on Repartiseraren, a compilation to be titled ”Ljudkalendern” (Sound-Calendar). With acts such as Xiu, opening with her ephemeral touch in her song, to the closing track by Minuit Machine. Where Invisible Guy ceased to be and was replaced by Repartiseraren, as the river began to dry out and leave nothing, revealing only barren soil where nothing is fertile – but then became fertile once I were comfortable in my new clothes.

Inspired by one of the greatest minds of the 16th century: Shakespeare, this release is nothing more then a trip to Helsingør and banegårdspladsen, but much more then you might've imagined. Two statues have been placed just outside the station-house, and their story might be more intriguing then you've imagined.

One statue depicts Hamlet, the other Ophelia. Both characters in Shakespeare's tragedy ”Hamlet”. Ophelia became a theme throughout the artwork of this release but also the influence behind it. Not because of her destiny, but because of that one trip to Helsingør. I stood in awe looking at the statues and later on, when this release was formed, did I think of all the influences and the story behind everything. The statues themselves were created by Rudolph Tegner, only one of them having a year of creation assigned: Ophelia (1937).

There is also an interesting story behind the statues and why they were placed outside banegårdspladsen. Originally, in 1938, they were placed in a park near Marienlyst castle, because the mayor at that time (Peder Christensen) wanted to create a Hamlet-museum. They had planned to make three statues but only two were made: Hamlet and Ophelia.

After having been moved from the park in 1980 to a depot in Kvistgård, they were once again moved in 1983 and were to be found between Kronborgvej and Rostgaardsvej – right opposite to Danserindebrønden. But they hadn't been moved for the last time, in 1996 they were placed near Kronborg castle – only to be moved to a final place in 2008 – which is banegårdspladsen in front of the central station. A peculiar story.

When it comes to the artists on this release, I had worked with and written about TSTI when Invisible Guy was still in fashion. So he became one of my primary choices for this release. On the journey of creating this release I stumbled upon Person:A and his minimal wave through his album ”Matters”, released by Cold Beats Records. After having heard a multitude of great songs, he joined the effort.

Knifesex (Vanessa Irena is her real name) created a song for my second compilation, Ljudkalendern II, and after hearing her ritualistic, industrial-influenced monster of a song, titled ”Mother” - she became the final ”original” artist on this release. L'Avenir and Tifaret later joined to bring another dimension to the release via their remixes.

I'm happy with the end result and I am looking forward to sharing this with you.

/J – Repartiseraren / Invisible Guy Records
Cat#: REP0007/IG0002


released May 26, 2016

J. Larson

...and a huge thanks to all the other contributing artists:


Person:A - Niklas Kärreskog
Knifesex - Vanessa Irena


J. Larson

℗ Repartiseraren / Öresundsreligionen 2016 - featuring licensed remixes and original tracks for this release, plus (formats: vinyl, cassette, CD in regards to the individual copyright information, here, down below)



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Track Name: Person:A - Divide & Conquer

Guilt and sin
Deep within
Memorys fall
Take it all

Imagine the power
Imagine the might
Divide and conquer

Guilt and sin
Driving your action
Gulit and sin
Feel its attraction
Track Name: Knifesex - Blood From Stone

I am the empress
I am blood from stone
I am the blindfold
I am the swords you hold
I am the chariot
I am blood from stone
I am judgement
I am judgement